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Develop k-Nearest Neighbors in Python From Scratch

2020/02/23 · In this tutorial you are going to learn about the k-Nearest Neighbors algorithm including how it works and how to implement it from scratch in Python (without libraries). A simple but powerful approach for making predictions ...

GitHub Developer

Ready to join the GitHub Developer Program? Membership is open to individual developers and companies who have: An integration in production or development using the GitHub API; An email address where GitHub users can contact you for support

Keras Tutorial : Transfer Learning using pre-trained

2018/01/03 · Transfer Learning using pre-trained models in Keras Fine-tuning pre-trained models in Keras More to come . . . In our previous tutorial, we learned how to use models which were trained for Image Classification on the ILSVRC data

Pull changes to your local Git repo - Azure Repos

To merge the latest changes from the master branch to your branch: In Team Explorer, select the Home button and choose Branches. Check out your target branch. Right-click the target branch, and choose Merge From. Specify a Merge from branch, which is master in this example, and then select Merge.

Check PHP environment -> new home: https://github.com

Clone via HTTPS Clone with Git or checkout with SVN using the repository’s web address.

Getting Started with GitHub Pages · GitHub Guides

GitHub Pages are public webpages hosted and easily published through GitHub. The quickest way to get up and running is by using the Jekyll Theme Chooser to load a pre-made theme. You can then modify your GitHub Pages’ content and style remotely via the web or locally on your computer. Create Your Website

Python Tutorial: Hashing (Hash Tables and hashlib)

2020/04/17 · The following code is a revision from Sets (union/intersection) and itertools - Jaccard coefficient & shingling to check plagiarism. In this section, we used 64 bit integer (hash value from hash()) for the comparison of shingles instead

Solved: How to deal with "refusing to merge unrelated hist

Short version of my question : For years, I have been using a simple, single one-branch, one-contributor public online Github repo. A few days ago my computer died suddenly and I bought a new one. Now Github refuses to connect the local repo from my new computer to the online repo saying "refusing t...

Biopython Tutorial and Cookbook

2019-12-20 · The actual biological transcription process works from the template strand, doing a reverse complement (TCAG → CUGA) to give the mRNA. However, in Biopython and bioinformatics in general, we typically work directly with the coding strand because this means we can get the mRNA sequence just by switching T → U.

Working with C code — gcc-python-plugin 0.16 documentation

2019-10-16 · Here’s a Python script that locates the function at one pass within the compile and prints various interesting things about it:

Git Tutorial

Git is a distributed revision control and source code management system with an emphasis on speed. Git was initially designed and developed by Linus Torvalds for Linux kernel development. Git is a free software distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2. This tutorial ...

typing — Support for type hints — Python 3.8.2 documentation

2 days ago · This module provides runtime support for type hints as specified by PEP 484, PEP 526, PEP 544, PEP 586, PEP 589, and PEP 591.The most fundamental support consists of the types Any, Union, Tuple, Callable, TypeVar, and Generic.For full specification please see PEP 484.For a simplified introduction to type hints see PEP 483.. The function below takes and returns a string and is annotated …

Home Assistant API Documentation — Home Assistant 0.107.7

Home Assistant is an open-source home automation platform running on Python 3. Track and control all devices at home and automate control. Installation in less than a minute.

2.5.3. Change Sources and Changes — Buildbot 2.7.0

2020-02-27 · How Different VC Systems Specify Sources ¶. For CVS, the static specifications are repository and module.In addition to those, each build uses a timestamp (or omits the timestamp to mean the latest) and branch tag (which defaults to HEAD).These parameters collectively specify a set of sources from which a build may be performed.

An Illustrated Guide to Git on Windows

An Illustrated Guide to Git on Windows About. Note: This guide was written in early 2009. Some parts of it may be out of date. Good luck! This document is designed to show that using git on Windows is not a difficult process.

How to properly mirror a git repository « Plataformatec Blog

How to properly mirror a git repository May 21, 2013. Written by George Guimarães. When people talk about mirroring a git repository, usually we have a simple answer in mind: Just git clone the repo and you’re set!! However, what we want with mirroring is to replicate the state of an origin repository (or upstream repository).


The easiest way to run Python, Spyder with SciPy and friends out of the box on any Windows PC, without installing anything! Project Home is on Github , downloads pages are on Sourceforge and Github , md5-sha , Discussion Group

PostgreSQL Automatic Failover - Home

PostgreSQL Automatic Failover (aka. PAF) is a new Resource Agent dedicated to PostgreSQL. Its original wish is to keep a clear limit between the Pacemaker administration and the PostgreSQL one, to keep things simple, documented and yet powerful.

Project Idea | (A Game of Anagrams )

Project Idea | (A Game of Anagrams ) Project idea: The aim of this project is to create a game in python in which the user is presented with an anagram of a word and has to guess the right word within a limited number of attempts.

My .vimrc file · GitHub

My .vimrc file. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Skip to content. All gists Back to GitHub. Sign in Sign up Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. jkjung-avt /.vimrc. Last active Oct 25, 2019. Star 0 Fork 0 ...

Aspell github

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Kaggle: Your Machine Learning and Data Science

Kaggle is the world’s largest data science community with powerful tools and resources to help you achieve your data science goals. We use cookies on Kaggle to deliver our services, analyze web traffic, and improve your experience

How to Get Started with GIT and work with GIT Remote Repo

How to get started with GIT and work with GIT Remote Repo ... The settings are kept in "/etc ... master" branch $ git checkout master $ git merge devel ...

ASF web config

ASF Config Generator. Home; ASF; Bot; ASF Config Generator is a small utility tool written in JavaScript, that helps you create your ASF configuration files.

Home [biocorecrg.github.io]

The workflow named Master of Pores, which has been built using the Nextflow framework and is distributed with Docker and Singularity containers, can be executed on any Unix-compatible OS on a computer, cluster or cloud without the need of installing any additional software or dependencies.


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GitHub does dotfiles

Your unofficial guide to dotfiles on GitHub. Home Tutorials General-purpose utilities Tool-specific frameworks Bootstrap repositories Inspiration Tips and tricks FAQ GitHub ~/ Why would I want my dotfiles on GitHub? Backup, restore, and sync the prefs and settings for your toolbox. Your dotfiles might be the most important files on your machine.

Online 3D closet planner for Home > Design the walk-in of

Online 3D closet planner. Walk-in closet is one of the most important rooms in a house. Online 3D planner Prodboard is one of the most important tools to design it. Plan your walk-in wardrobe or reach-in closet just by several clicks, using online 3D closet planner Prodboard!

How To Clone a Git Repository – devconnected

You successfully cloned a Git repository into a specific folder on your server. In this case, you cloned the master branch from your Git remote repository. You can check the current branch cloned by running the “git branch” command. $ git branch * master. However, in some cases, you may want to clone a specific branch in order to start working.

How To Use Git Branches

Mar 18, 2013 · A branch, at its core, is a unique series of code changes with a unique name. Each repository can have one or more branches. This tutorial will teach you how to create two branches (master and develop) and how to merge code from the development stage

15 Git Branch Command Examples to Create and Manage Branches

Jun 20, 2017 · $ git branch -r origin/master When we use -a option, it will display both local and remote-tracking git branches as shown below. $ git branch -a dev master * qa remotes/origin/master As you see from the above output, to differentiate between the local and remote, it will have “remotes” keyword in front of the remote git branch. 9.


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Create GitHub Directory Download Link

Pull Request Tutorial by yangsu

Pull Request Tutorial What is a Pull Request? From Github's Using Pull Requests Page. Pull requests let you tell others about changes you've pushed to a GitHub repository. Once a pull request is sent, interested parties can review the set of changes, discuss potential modifications, and even push follow-up commits if necessary.


To control which revisions to show, gitk supports most options applicable to the git rev-list command. It also supports a few options applicable to the git diff-* commands to control how the changes each commit introduces are shown.


GitHub for your whole school, with everything you need to make it great. Roll out version control and GitHub at your school, train students with the tools they’ll use in industry, and support teachers with training so that they master Git and GitHub.